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The Yale Stone Research Team, which is a multidisciplinary collaboration between.

Kidney stones are deposits of mineral and acid salts formed within the .

On one table, arranged as if for an art exhibit, lay spidery casts of kidney veins.

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University of Michigan Kidney Stone and Lithotriptor Program is known for.

Our endourology team performs over a thousand of these procedures every year,

to identify the stone, shockwaves are applied from outside the body to break the.

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The Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital was designed out of the need to deliver comprehensive team base care for the.

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Dehydration from the kidney can increase your the potential of kidney stones forming as well as other kidney prone issues.

Learn about pediatric kidney stone causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis,

A kidney stone is a solid piece of material that forms in the urine when normal.

Some types of infecting bacteria break urea down into substances that form stones.

The Stone Center team cares for patients with conditions related to stones in.

Kidney stones are tiny, hard mineral and salt deposits that form inside the kidneys.

There are several types of kidney stones, including calcium stones, cystine stones, struvite stones and uric.

Ultrasound waves that break up the stones.

Learn more about our doctors and care team who diagnose and treat kidney stones.

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the safety and effectiveness of breaking up kidney stones using acoustic energy.

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The expert team uses minimally invasive capabilities — such as.

When he was 17, James Polk needed surgery to have some kidney stones removed.

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Increasing incidences of various urinary disorders such as cancers of the urinary tract, incontinence, interstitial cystitis, kidney stones.

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UCI Health has a highly skilled team of specially trained urologists who use the latest technology to break up kidney stones without surgery,

Kidney stones are one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract.

Stones develop in the kidney, but they may break loose and move through the ureter,

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